200 Series

Your family deserves all the benefits of conditioned water. The 200 Series Water Conditioners provide high-quality water at a family-friendly price. The conditioner and brine tank are built to be corrosion and impact resistant, providing you with years of worry-free performance. Even if you have the most challenging water problems, you can depend on the 200 Series to meet your needs. 

Flexibility is the hallmark of the 200 Series Water Treatment System. The 200 Series is far more than a single product. It’s a complete family of matched water treatment components. This family approach gives your water treatment professional the freedom to combine components into a customized solution that perfectly matches your water usage needs and family budget.

The most valuable component of all is the water conditioning professional who stands behind every 200 Series system. They know the water conditions in your area and can recommend the perfect combination of components for you. The result is satisfaction, along with the peace of mind that comes from hometown support of your water conditioning system.

All of our 200 Series Water Treatment Systems are designed with the following components:

  • Control valves equipped with durable, reliable components that channel water through the treatment cycles and into your home
  • System controllers use digital technology to manage the water treatment process, triggering the regenerations that keep your system operating at peak performance
    • Clock-based systems timed for off-peak regeneration
    • Demand-based controllers that adjust to changing water use
    • Easy-to-use keypads with clear LCD display.
    • Optional no-salt detectors
  • Pressure tanks filled with long-lasting resin media, in a range of capacities for an easy match to your home’s everyday water usage needs
  • Regenerant tanks sized for homeowner convenience and maintenance and an abundant salt supply

Cleaner and brighter clothes

Softer and smoother skin

Higher quality water

Extends the life of appliances

Save on cleaning supplies

Hair has the squeaky-clean feel

Fixtures and Sinks easily clean

Protect your plumbing pipes

Dishes have that clean shine

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“Your service was outstanding and your product is, too. By having your filters, I save $54 annually by not having to replace the fridge water filter. I compared other systems and their service charges. Hands down, Elite Water of Texas Systems was the best bet, and it’s paid off. Thanks for your great products and excellent customer service.”

— Bruce R.